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For thousands of years, cultures around the globe have used the word “Aether” to describe an invisible field that permeates and connects the world. We use it to describe the internetworking of things.

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Connectivity for Things

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The Internetworking Platform

The Internet has fundamentally changed our lives with the ubiquity of instant communication. But not all things speak Internet. Smart things require a unique communications network that prioritizes security, reliability, availability, and openness. One that seamlessly lets things communicate with things, and with systems in the cloud. The Aether Operating System (AetherOS or AOS) is the secure connectivity fabric for things.

As an edge computing platform for the Internet of Things, AOS streamlines machine-to-machine communications. AOS provides application developers with a oneM2M.org compliant library of network and application-level services, enabling secure communications and efficient internetworking of things. These services are common across all IoT market verticals, expanding possibilities throughout multiple industries.

Machine-to-Machine Applications

AOS enables and simplifies the rapid development, deployment, and management of distributed M2M applications. It is available on Linux and leading RTOS kernels, with support for leading networking and communications protocols.

As part of AOS, our Smart Energy software development kit provides application developers an open suite of RESTful APIs to communicate with electricity, water, and gas meters, thereby enabling utility resource awareness, efficiencies, and market trading opportunities.

We also leverage our expertise in electricity generation, distribution, and storage to offer innovative smart energy applications that lower operational costs while improving customer value and quality of service. Our Smart Energy applications are proven at scale and commercially deployed in mission-critical metering systems.

machine to machine applications

Our Values

We are a highly innovative and entrepreneurial team whose passion is building large-scale secure networks for machines. We believe in open source and open standards, and our products are developed to meet the most stringent government and industry security requirements.

Open Standards

AOS is a full implementation of the oneM2M.org specifications, incorporating the common service areas for all IoT verticals. AOS Common Services removes the complexities associated with large-scale secure M2M networking and streamlines the development and deployment of applications for things. AOS provides developers with an open, extensible computing layer for all things—from the simplest sensors to the most complex control systems.


AOS has integrated CA/PKI and AAA systems to provide strong identity and security services for secure channel communications and application-level security. AOS uses the latest in secure hardware elements and algorithms to provide strong device and application-level identity, and to deliver secure network authorization and access control services.

Open Programming Interfaces

The AOS Common Services API suite can be accessed directly by local applications running in shared user space, and by remote applications over its wireless and wireline interfaces. Our open standards-based RESTful APIs provide application developers with simplicity, while not locking them into proprietary software and technologies.

Our Products


AOS is available from our partners, and is bundled with our IoT LTE Modules, IoT NICs, & IoT Edge Server hardware products. AOS is commercially available on leading 5G/4G LTE networks throughout the world.

Smart Energy Applications

Our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Monitoring and Control (DM&C) software applications support mission-critical revenue metering and utility distribution network operations.

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