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The Operating System for Things

In a relatively short period of time, the Internet has fundamentally changed our lives with the ubiquity of instant information. When coupled with recent advances in both licensed and unlicensed wireless communications, and driven by Moore's law, the era of connected Things is here.

Our flagship product AOS, is a distributed operating system, based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, that is designed primarily for embedded edge computing and the internetworking of Things.

AOS is integrated in our partners networks and is available on select secure communications modules, providing an open, extensible, platform for client server IOT applications.

Machine-to-Machine Applications

All IoT solutions, whether they be in the business domains of telematics, intelligent transportation, healthcare, utilities, industrial automation, smart homes, or smart cities, require common services for device and application -level security, registration, discovery, management, provisioning, and reliable communications.

Leveraging the oneM2M.org technical specifications, AOS removes the fragmentation found in the IoT world by providing an open, extensible, and robust common services platform that streamlines the development and deployment of client server IOT applications.

Given our heritage in the utility smart metering domain, we have included a suite of RESTful Metering Services APIs in AOS that enable applications to directly interact with electricity, water, and gas meters, without needing to understand or support a plethora legacy metering protocols.

Proven at large scale, our PolicyNet Smart Metering application is commercially deployed in mission-critical advanced metering systems. PolicyNet increases our customer's productivity, lowers their operational cost, while improving service value and quality.

machine to machine applications

Our Values

Aetheros is a successful, innovative, entrepreneurial team whose passion is building large-scale machine networks. We believe in open source and open standards. Our products are designed and developed to meet today's most stringent government and industry security requirements.

Open Standards

Based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source technologies, AOS includes a complete implementation of the oneM2M.org Common Services layer specification. With full support for market leading standards-based licensed and unlicensed wireless communications technologies, AOS greatly streamlines, accelerates, and lowers the cost of IoT application development and deployment.

Strong Security

In Commerical and Retail IoT applications, a standards-based security framework is a must have requirement. To address this need, AOS includes integrated CA/PKI and eAAA systems that are used to provide both device and application-level identity and security services. In our supported communications modules, AOS leverages the latest in secure element technologies and security algorithms.

Open Interfaces

AOS includes a broad suite of open standardized APIs and sample IoT application source code. Our mission and goals are to provide application developers with simplicity and abstractions, while not locking them into proprietary software and networking technologies. The AOS Metering Services APIs provide developers with the ability to quickly integrate with the leading electric, water, and gas meters.

Our Products


AOS is a distributed operating system, based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed specifically for embedded edge computing and the networking of things.

PolicyNet Smart Metering

PolicyNet is an Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Distribution Monitoring and Control software suite that supports mission-critical metering and utility distribution network operations.

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